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Marie Thorndahl – Veronica Hodges – Martin Øbakke – Lene Vidding – Naja Duarte – Lise Tang – Liza Krügermeier – Iben Kielberg – Bodil Hansen

Vernissage Saturday the 18th of March 11.00 – 16.00

The Exhibition runs until May 27th 2023

The first exhibition in 2023 is titled The Enchanting Garden - a fascinating exhibition where 9 artists are presenting different series of new works. Visitors are invited into a dreamy and intriguing universe, where the theme has been interpreted in numerous ways.

The Enchanted Garden – is all and at the same time a place from the tale of Alice in Wonderland, from the Garden of Eden, from the garden behind your house and in front of your eyes, when you walk around nature. It is the the mysterious feel and warmth of an exotic world, sometimes captured behind glass in a botanic garden. It is the story of humans and animals and of flora and fauna in this world. It is a fairytale, a fantasy and a dream - and at the same time it is infinite real.  

Paintings by Marie Thorndahl, Naja Duarte and Liza Krügermeier

Paper Installation by Veronica Hodges

Sculpture by Lene Vidding, Martin Øbakke, Lise Tang

Glass by Iben Kielberg

Ceramics by Bodil Hansen

You can look forward to a surprising and captivating experience - welcome to The Enchanted Garden

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