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Roar Kjærnstad – Mariann Johansen-Ellis – Holger Bak – Janina Pieniowska – Liza Krügermeier

Vernissage June 1st from 11.00 – 16.00 / Everybody welcome

The exhibition runs until August 17th 2024

In this exhibition, 5 contemporary artists are looking into the importance of personal space, independency and intellectual freedom as an existential need in order to create.
This idea and concept was described by British writer Virginia Woolf in her famous, feminist essay from 1929 –‘ A Room of One’s Own’ – where she emphasizes the challenges for women in education and society in general. 
84 later, Latvian composer Péteris Vasks, somewhat describes a similar concept in his musical work ‘Castillo Interior’ – the inner castle, so to speak - as an existential necessity for all humans, and as an important source to find within oneself in order to create in this chaotic world, we live in.

The exhibiting artists have interpreted the concept, mixed with inspiration from places they have visited, such as Barbara Hepworths studio in St Ives, the houses of the Bloomsbury Group in Sussex, Oluf Høst's home in Gudhjem, Jane Austen’s House and Vincent van Gogh’s room at the Saint-Paul asylum in France. Also, there will be personal interpretations of this inner space by the artists.

It has been 10 years since Liza’s Gallery presented the exhibition A Bloomsbury Journey, which was kind of an introduction to the group of British writers, artists and intellectuals, who formed the Bloomsbury Group in the first half of the 20th century. The group was critical of the norms of Victorian society and had great influence on cultural life and British modernism. They challenged social norms and experimented in their work and within their interpersonal relationships – and they did in fact all have Rooms of their Own, not only within, but also in the physical world.  

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