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Misja Kristoffer Rasmussen – Kirsten Hagelskær – Lene Vidding – Agnete Bjørnboe – Lykke Bianca – Sebastian Jakobsen – Lill Fugl – Liza Krügermeier

Vernissage March 16th from 11.00 – 16.00 / Everybody welcome

The exhibition runs until May 25th 2024

Welcome to Nature Revisited – an exhibition that takes you on a journey both beautiful and thought-provoking. Re-experience the fantastic and wondrous world of nature, which we all are a part of – in all its fragility and all its strength. Flora, fauna, humans – we are all connected in the cycle of life on earth. 
Welcome to an authentic, intriguing and different food-for-though experience.

Works by 8 different artists are presented :

Paintings and drawings by Kirsten Hagelskær, Lykke Bianca, Liza Krügermeier
Sculpture by Misja K Rasmussen, Sebastian Jakobsen, Lill Fugl
Installation by Lene Vidding
Ink printing by Agnete bjørnboe

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