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Barbara Sørensen – Finleif Mortensen – Merete Larsen – Liza Krügermeier

Vernissage Saturday the 10th of June 11.00 – 16.00

The exhibition runs until August 26th 2023

The Summer Exhibition presents works by four different artists. The landscape is in focus. Barbara Sørensen paints in large scale and her soulful and gentle oil paintings brings the visitor into a place where time cease to exist.
Faroese Finleif Mortensen captures nature and the many villages located near the sea. In his work, the clear contours dissolve as a consequence of the ever-changing light, resulting in an abstract expression.

In a dialogue with these paintings, you will find Merete Larsen’s organic and fascinating wooden bowls :


‘Larsen has been turning wood for the last ten years and has acquired an international reputation for her nearly translucent bowls, sculpted with infinite delicacy. By extending the turning process to the limits of the extreme, she obtains works of a paradoxical and almost immaterial lightness. These delicate and subtle vessels transcend the decorative and utilitarian aspect of her craft to exist as purely sculptural objects with forms of sublime purity. In perfect equilibrium, they appear to be engaged in a profound and singular dialogue with the surrounding space’


Finn Terman Frederiksen, Curator Museum of Art, Randers


Separately, a whole new series of work by Liza Krügermeier will be presented, based on her current Artist Residency in Italy. Here, she has spent five weeks exploring the interiors and exteriors of a boutique hotel in Tuscany.


Welcome to the Summer Exhibition !

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