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Holger Bak – Sebastian Jakobsen – Andrea Vagn Jensen – Effie Bezati – Mariann Johansen-Ellis – Bente Egedorf – Liza Krügermeier – Lill Fugl - Rumle Hammerich

Vernissage Saturday September 2nd 11. 00 – 16.00

The exhibition runs until October 21st 2023

In this exhibition, you can step into the magic of the night.  9 different artists have interpreted the colours, the feel and the poetry of the night-time – from dusk till dawn – in varied and suprising ways.
Everything changes when the sun sets and the daylight fades. In the landscape, in the feel of the present moment, in the life that appears. The light at night and the shadows that emerge are fascinating opposites and inseparable factors at the same time.

The artists have interpreted the theme in painting, printmaking, weaving and sculpture, making the gallery yet a new experience to visit.

Welcome to Night-Time Poesia !

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